The Autosorb-iQ is a gas adsorption analyzer providing flexible and versatile surface area (BET) and pore size analysis for microporus, mesoporous and macroporous material. The iQ is also a chemisorption unit, which can use hydrogen, carbon dioxide for various heterogeneous catalysts and support materials; transition and precious metals, dissociative and nondissociative type adsorption, acidic and basic sites of oxides. This Autosorb is also equipped with CO2 physisorption dewar. The tool has multi-gas adsorption capability, N2, CO2, Kr & Ar. Pore size range suitable for this tool is 0.7 -700 nm.

LMACS NameAutosorb iQ
Confluence Labelautosorb-iq
Process Area


VendorAnton-Paar GmbH (acquisition of Quantachrome Instrument)

ECERF W1 - 040

System Features

1.Multiple adsorbate gas input ports (automatic switching with purge/evacuation routines)
2.With Dedicated helium input port, and dedicated backfill N2 gas input port
3.Multi adsorption gas available, CO2, N2, Kr, Ar
4. microporous capability, suitable pore range in radius 0.35 - 500 nm

Can perform both physisorption and Chemisorption


Operating Procedure
Hazard AssessmentAutosorb iQ HA