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Analysis summary

Nitride standardNitride historicalOxide standard
Deposition rate (nm/min)45.630.7-
Mean thickness (nm)198.25215.15-
Thickness uniformity (SUP%)±3.9%±5.5%-
Film stress (MPa)

Optical constants


*Qualification performed due to installation of new NH3 bottle.  No SiO2 qualification was done.

**Nitride Historical uniformity affected by ~4 points where the the wafer pieces were in contact with the edges of the wafer.

Process description

Deposit nominal ~200 nm of standard silicon nitride, historical silicon nitride, and standard silicon dioxide recipes on PECVD (Trion).  Measure film stress, optical constants, thickness map.

  1. Standard piranha clean of 3 100 mm Si prime wafers
  2. Pre-deposition wafer bow baseline measurement
  3. Nitride conditioning:  1200 s of "nitride cond"
  4. Historical nitride deposition on wafer 2:  420 s of "nitride historical"
  5. Nitride conditioning: 300s
  6. Standard nitride deposition on wafer 1:  260 s of "nitride standard"
  7. Clean: 
  8. Oxide conditioning:  XXX s of "oxide standard"
  9. Standard oxide deposition on wafer 3:  140 s of "oxide standard"
  10. Ellipsometry
  11. Film thickness mapping
  12. Post-deposition stress measurement


Tool:  VASE Ellipsometer

Acquisition parameters:

Thickness map

Tool:  Filmetrics F50

  • Oxide: recipe "SiO2 on Si", 115 pts, 5 mm edge exclusion, fitting λ = 400–1000 nm
  • Nitride: recipe "Si3N4 on Si", 115 pts, 5 mm edge exclusion, fitting λ = 400–1000 nm

Film stress measurement

Tool:  Thin Film Stress Measurement (FLX 2320S).

Acquisition parameters:

Data repository